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Prepare for the future and invest in an estate plan that protects your loved ones and distributes your estate the way you want. Invest in a custom estate plan that protects the future assets of your loved ones from creditors.

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What is an estate plan?

Estate planning is the process of planning the distribution of your assets upon your death or incapacitation. With a powerful and effective estate plan, you can protect your estate so that it incurs the least amount of taxes as possible. Your estate plan essentially protects the assets that you will pass down to your heirs upon your death. You also have the comfort of knowing that your financial affairs are in order, so you won't leave behind a lengthy and costly administrative nightmare for your loved ones.

What sort of assets are protected in an estate plan?

Your estate plan ensures that any business and personal assets stay in the possession of the asset-holder, and thus diminishes creditors’ access to the asset-holder's property. Some examples of assets that can be protected include your home, your business, and your investments.

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Now Law Firm Estate Planning Services

Leaving behind a legacy has its share of legal difficulties. Fortunately, an estate planning attorney can create an ironclad estate plan that protects your legacy and leaves your assets to your loved ones. Now Law Firm's California estate planning attorney is ready to answer your questions and help you protect your legacy.

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Custom Estate Plans

No estate plan is too small or too big for The Property Lawyer. Whether you have a single asset or multiple assets to pass on to your loved ones, The Property Lawyer will put together a package that works best for you.

Asset Protection

Asset protection involves various estate planning strategies, including whether to choose between a revocable or irrevocable trust. You may have certain assets that you’d like to protect against creditors during your lifetime or you may wish to protect the future assets of your loved ones from creditors. In such cases, The Property Lawyer will go over your various options to help you make a choice that fits your needs.

Simplified Explanations & Consultations in Plain English

In order to put together an estate planning package that fits your needs, you would need to understand the confusing legal jargon used in various estate planning documents. As such, The Property Lawyer™ will review your estate planning documents with you in plain English during both the initial and final consultations.

  • Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Will Drafting
  • Asset Protection
  • Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Power of Attorney
Now Law firm Estate Planning FAQ

Common Questions

What is an estate?

What is an estate plan?

Why do I need an estate plan?

When should I start my estate planning?

What sort of assets are protected in an estate plan?

Who are my assets being protected from?

What is a beneficiary? Who can I name as a beneficiary?

What is a trust?

What is the difference between a trust and an estate plan?

Can estate plans be changed? Can I add more assets down the line?

What is a power of attorney?

What is a revocable trust?

What is an irrevocable trust?

What is Succession Planning or Replacement Planning?

What happens to my business after I die? Is my business covered in my estate plan?

Will my heirs owe taxes on my estate?

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